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Tall Tales: Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History Honors Doug Pederson

Tall TalesThe Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History proudly presents Tall Tales: a Tribute to Doug Pederson, at the Miramont Country Club on Thursday, January 12, 2012.

Rio Brazos Audubon Society Meeting: Watching Wildlife in India

6:30 pm
Free and open to the public
Brazos Valley Natural History Museum

One of Dr. Ian Tizard’s passions is observing birds and other wildlife in their natural surroundings. Towards this, Ian has traveled to India on several occasions to view and photograph the unique birds and wildlife found in India’s diverse ecosystems. Dr. Tizard will be giving a talk about his adventures to India entitled “Watching Wildlife in India” at the January meeting of the Rio Brazos Audubon Society.

Winter Mini-Camp 2011

 Life on the FarmJoin us this winter for a mini camp inspired by our current exhibit,
Farm Life: A Century of Change for Farm Families and Their Neighbors
Your child will explore life on a farm and discover its many challenges
and rewards. They will also learn about the food we eat and develop an
appreciation for farmers and their important contributions. Each day has
a different farming focus!

Rio Brazos Audubon Society Event and Walk: Winter Bird Talk

More than a dozen species of birds that are rare in or absent from Central Texas during the breeding season become common residents in winter. The talk will focus on those birds and a few other, more exotic winter visitors that one might expect to see during December in the Brazos Valley. The talk will also include some information about the history and current activities of the Audubon Christmas Bird Count.