Why A Space Shuttle?

Preservation of the Shuttle

What better place to house one of the most significant achievements in manned space flight? NASA stipulations regarding the housing of the shuttle are strict. The shuttle must be preserved as a national artifact on par with the Liberty Bell or the Wright Flyer.

Connection to Texas

The State of Texas has a long history with space flight and a deep connection to NASA and to the Space Shuttle Program. Texas is the long time home of Mission Control, Johnson Space Center, and many subcontractors working with NASA. Texans feel like the Shuttle belongs here and many people identify the Space Shuttle with Texas.

Catalyst for a Museum

The Brazos Valley is ready for a showcase Science and History Museum and such a museum could develop without the shuttle. However, a space shuttle is an inspirational national monument and a rallying point. We have a unique opportunity to have a shuttle located in Brazos County. The shuttle is the perfect nucleus around which the entire Museum project can begin to take shape.


A Space Shuttle Orbiter is awe inspiring. When standing next to a shuttle, one is overcome by enormity of the history associated with it. The Space Shuttle Orbiters stand as a testimony to the power of science and technology, and as one of the great achievements of our country and of humanity.

Central Location

One of the key criteria for NASA is making the shuttle available to as many people as possible. The Brazos Valley is centrally located in Texas. We are located within driving distance of Austin, San Antonio, and the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex., and can reach Louisiana and Oklahoma within 5 hours. Our central location makes it easily accessible to all Texans and places a shuttle centrally in the United States within a comfortable drive for millions of people.


Shuttle images courtesy of NASA.