Summer Nature Camp Sessions

2018 Summer Nature Camp

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Week 1

June 4-June 8: Spy Camp

Put your observation skills to the test! From understanding fingerprints, deciphering secret codes, and writing messages in invisible ink, we’ll learn about some of the chemistry, physics, and engineering behind spy tricks. 

Week 2

June 11-June 15: Kingdom of Animals

Animals without eyes? Birds that can’t fly? Mammals that lay eggs?  Delve into the diverse animal kingdom to learn all about animal groups, their distinct characteristics, and how scientists classify animals..

Week 3

June 18-June 22: Dinosaurs Rock!

Let’s turn back the clock to the days when dinosaurs roamed Earth!  From what dinosaurs ate to where they lived, we’ll explore the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and the other ancient animals that lived alongside them. 

Week 4

June 25-June 29: The Human Body

EveryBODY should know how their body works!  This week we’ll investigate the wonders of the human body, put our senses to the test, and even compare human anatomy to other animals to see what features we may share, and which are uniquely human.

Week 5

July 2 - July 6: Life on the Brazos

Over the years, animals, plants, and humans have relied on the Brazos River for food, water, a place to live, and more. This week we’ll learn about river ecosystems as well as about the animals and people who have called the Brazos River home for centuries. 

No Camp

July 9–July 13: NO CAMP THIS WEEK

Week 6

July 16-July 20: Backyard Bugs

What tiny creatures call your backyard home?  From ants to the zebra swallowtail butterfly, we’ll explore the world of insects, spiders, and more. We’ll identify the bugs in your backyard, but we won’t stop there.  Join us if you want to learn about bugs and their relatives in your backyard and beyond. 

Week 7

July 23-July 27: Life Aquatic

Dive into an aquatic adventure as we learn about the importance of water and about the animals that call it home.  We’ll also learn about what is being done to conserve aquatic habitats and its inhabitants as well as about water safety.  

Week 8

July 30-August 3: Outdoor Adventures

Join us as we embrace nature and all the adventures it can offer.  We’ll learn basic tips about camping, fishing, hiking, and much more.  We’ll explore different ecosystems and the unique survival challenges they may pose, and study a different survival skill daily. 

Week 9

August 6 - August 10: Get Hooked on Pirates

Ahoy!  Join us as we learn about what it was like to live the life of a pirate.  Learn the histories of famous pirates and the role they played in maritime history.  Campers will also have fun being junior cartographers as we design our own treasure maps and much more!  

Week 10

August 13 - August 17: Summer Extension Day Camps (SEDC): Pollinator Pals

Come explore the fascinating and necessary role of pollination in the plant life cycle. Pollinators help pollinate over 75% of flowering plants and crops! This week we’ll learn about some of these pollinator pals who pollinate the plants necessary for healthy ecosystems.

SEDC Topics 

Monday (8/13): Bees
Tuesday (8/14): Hummingbirds
Wednesday (8/15): Bats
Thursday (8/16):  Butterflies
Friday (8/17):  Beetles