Summer Nature Camp Sessions

2016 Summer Nature Camp

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Week 1

June 6-June 10: Microscopic Mayhem

Join us on an incredible voyage in nature as we explore atoms, microbes & more, all too small to see with the naked eye! We’ll uncover new worlds with scientific instruments that allow us to see these hidden mysteries.

Week 2

June 13-June 17: The Wild, Wild West

It’s a Wild West adventure! Discover the challenges of Westward Expansion. How did cattle drives work? What was life like on the prairie? Who were some of the famous western pioneers and cowboys? We’ll answer all these questions and much more.

Week 3

June 20-June 24: Buggin’ Out

From the tiniest ant to the largest spider, we’ll explore the world of arthropods. Come investigate social insects, identify venomous ones, and take a close up look at local insects & spiders that live around us!

Week 4

June 27-July 1: If Rocks Could Talk

We’ll rock out this week! Through an exploration of rocks, land formations, erosion, and soil science, we’ll delve in the stories rocks tell. Come on a rock-hound adventure as we unravel Earth’s secrets, inside and out.

Week 5

July 4 - July 8: Young Naturalists

Let’s explore the great outdoors! What is an ecosystem? What do field biologists do? How can we be safe outdoors? Join us as we learn about camping, hiking, & other fun, in our exciting natural world.

Week 6

July 11-July 15: All About Anatomy

Put your senses to the test and adventure with us to explore how the bodies of animals and humans work! What are endo- and exoskeletons, vestigial organs, and homologous features? We’ll answer these questions and more as we glimpse inside all kinds of animals.

No Camp

July 18–July 22: NO CAMP THIS WEEK

Week 7

July 25-July 29: Fabulous Flyers

It’s a bird, it’s a plane? Yes, and it’s the same principles of flight! Explore how birds and other animals with special features are able to fly, and how humans have used these principles to create amazing flying machines.

Week 8

August 1-August 5: Dinosaur Detectives

Become a junior paleontologist as you collect dinosaur data and discover clues your favorite dinosaurs left behind! Explore dinosaur classification, facts, and info about other animals that lived with the dynamic dinos.

Week 9

August 8 - August 12: Budding Gardeners

Love to get those hands dirty? Discover the secrets of gardening by examining soil, beneficial insects or pests, healthy foods, and more! Let your budding gardener grow an appreciation for the environment through gardening.

Week 10

August 15 - August 19: Summer Extension Day Camps (SEDC): Forces of Nature

Journey with us as we learn about the forces of nature through natural disasters! What causes earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, wildfires, and storms? What happens before, during and after, and how can we stay safe? We’ll explore different topics each day!

Monday (8/15): Hurricanes & Tornadoes
Tuesday (8/16): Earthquakes & Volcanoes
Wednesday (8/17): Droughts & Floods
Thursday (8/18): Wildfires
Friday (8/19): Severe Storms