Summer Nature Camp Sessions

2017 Summer Nature Camp

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Week 1

June 5-June 9: Our Galaxy & Beyond

3, 2, 1, blast off! Become a junior astronaut as we set out to answer questions about our solar system. Learn about lunar phases, space exploration, and the life cycle of stars during our out-of-this-world astronomy week. 

Week 2

June 12-June 16: Wild About Nature

From the smallest spore to the tallest tree, every element of nature has a part in our planet’s story. Become an junior ecologist—together we’ll discuss ecosystems, biotic and abiotic factors of change, and how we can help preserve ecosystems.

Week 3

June 19-June 23: Young Engineers

What does it mean to be an engineer? Explore types of engineering; from civic and environmental, to mechanical and electrical. Through creative problem solving and an introduction to scientific principles, we will get a taste of life as an engineer.

Week 4

June 26-June 30: Dino Discoverers

We’ll rock out this week! Through an exploration of rocks, land formations, erosion, and soil science, we’ll delve in the stories rocks tell. Come on a rock-hound adventure as we unravel Earth’s secrets, inside and out.

No Camp

July 3–July 7: NO CAMP THIS WEEK

Week 5

July 10 - July 14: Crawly Critters

Bugs, snails, and rattlesnake tails—what are crawly critters made of?  Critters in your own backyard play important roles in our ecosystem. We’ll investigate the behaviors, habitats, and characteristics of insects, arthropods, gastropods, reptiles, and more! 

Week 6

July 17-July 21: Monkey Business

Let’s get in the swing of things as we learn about a special group of mammals…primates!  From lemurs and tarsiers, to chimpanzees and gorillas, we’ll learn all about the characteristics, traits, and behaviors unique to this special group of animals. 

Week 7

July 24-July 28: Legends & Lore

Journey with us to a magical land of mysterious legends and fantastic creatures. Delve into the history of traditional lore, folk and fairy tales, and urban legends as we journey across continents and cultures. Discover the lessons different world cultures can teach us. 

Week 8

July 31-August 4: Animal Architects

In this week, we will examine amazing homes and structures created by unique animals around the world! From nests and mounds to prairie dog towns, there is surprising diversity in homes created by skilled animal architects.  

Week 9

August 7 - August 11: Transportation through Time

Planes, trains, and automobiles, oh my! All aboard for a week on the history and science behind the machines that help us move. We’ll explore the principles and function of planes, carriages and cars, boats, and trains.  

Week 10

August 14 - August 18: Summer Extension Day Camps (SEDC): Magic School Bus Film Fest

We’ll bring Miss Frizzle’s classroom to life with 5 days of  hands on experiments, interactive activities, and crafts!  Each day is focused on a different episode of the beloved Magic School Bus series, so join us to "take chances, makes mistakes, and get messy!"