2014 Summer Nature Camp Sessions

2014 Summer Nature Camp

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Week 1

June 9June 13: Texas Tribes

We’ll trek across Texas to learn about the many native tribes that have called Texas home. As we study their traditions and skills, we’ll find out why it’s important to appreciate what they have taught us.

Week 2

June 16June 20: Wild about Wildlife

Are you wild about wildlife? Then come enjoy this week as we explore the entire animal kingdom and learn all about birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, fish, and much more. Discover amazing animal wonders!

Week 3

June 23–June 27: The Ice Age

From giant armadillos to mammoths to saber-toothed cats, we’ll learn about Ice Age animals and this prehistoric time when Earth looked very different than today. We’ll also learn about the people who thrived during the Ice Age, and how they lived and hunted. Join us on this cool adventure!

Week 4

June 30–July 4: Life on a Farm

How far back do farms date? Are there different kinds of farms? This week we’ll explore life on a farm, meet some live fabulous farm animals, and learn about the important role that farms play in ecosystems and local economies.

Week 5

July 7July 11: Chemistry 101

Matter... Atoms... Elements... Reactions! We’ll learn all about this and more as we study the basics of chemistry and try out a few experiments of our own.

Week 6

July 14July 18: Dynamic Dinos

Let’s leap back in time to better understand the clues to the past that dinosaur fossils offer. Come be a part of this prehistoric adventure as we learn all about popular dinosaurs and some of the latest dino discoveries.

No Camp

July 21July 25: NO CAMP THIS WEEK


Week 7

July 28–August 1: Ancient Greeks & Romans

The influence of these two cultures is still seen today in art, medicine, science, and more! This week, we’ll be time travelers and experience life during this exciting and influential Greco-Roman era.

Week 8

August 4August 8: The Great Outdoors

Join us as we venture outdoors for a great adventure! Come with us as we learn about natural disasters and how some famous landmarks were formed. Your child will also have fun exploring camping and outdoor safety techniques to better enjoy the world outside!

Week 9

August 11August 15: Junior Detectives

Put your observation skills to the test! From understanding finger prints to unraveling DNA mysteries, we’ll take part in fun forensic investigations. We’ll also meet local law enforcement and emergency personnel and learn about their role in keeping our community safe.

Week 10

August 18August 22: An Amazing Race!

Join us on an adventure around the globe as we take on an amazing race challenge! We’ll explore a different local cuisine, currency, traditions, wildlife, and much more each day.