Brazos Valley Shuttle Project

The Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History is involved in a campaign to bring one of the retired shuttle orbiters to the Brazos Valley. The Brazos Valley is currently one of two locations under consideration in the state. The Museum's dream is to display the magnificent shuttle in a new Museum of Science and History; discussions are ongoing as to the location and will be announced later.

Bring the Shuttle to Aggieland
Design by Mark Willingham - Texas A&M Department of Architecture - ARCH 606.604

The Brazos Valley is the home of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum and President George H.W. Bush is "very excited" about the possibility of housing a shuttle in Bryan/College Station. Texas A&M University is a world renowned research university with outstanding science and engineering programs and is a leader in developing and finding practical applications for new technologies. The addition of a research museum in the Brazos Valley would promote multi-disciplinary research and provide a center to enhance science & history literacy for the general public.

The Brazos Valley is also an ideal home for a space shuttle because of its central location. It would place a shuttle centrally in the United States within a comfortable drive for millions of people. A project of this magnitude also creates jobs and opportunities; showcase museums bring in millions of dollars to local economies.

The decision will be made by NASA's Administrator, Charles Bolden. Please check this website and our Facebook page for links on how to send letters of support. For more information, please contact the Museum's Executive Director, Dr. Deborah Cowman, at 979-776-2195 or the Project Director, Zach Cummings at 956-251-3812.

Mission Statement

To acquire one of the three remaining shuttle orbiters for display in a newly constructed museum of science and history located on the Texas A&M Campus next to and in cooperation with the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.


To educate and inspire future generations, stimulate scientific inquiry, and promote science education.



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Video from President George Bush

President George Bush asks for your support of the Brazos Valley Shuttle Project in this YouTube video: 

President George Bush - Brazos Valley Shuttle Project



Shuttle images courtesy of NASA.